Ready for a Spring Detox? Take 40% off detox services!

Many of us find that during the winter months, we tend to eat more. Eating more is natural, as it’s Vata-pacifying.

Why do we eat more?

sping-detoxThe Vata-Air elements get aggravated during the fall and wintery months and the excess food intake combats that. The extra weight has its benefits, though! It keeps us warmer and feeling more comfortable. But it also causes toxins to build up in our body.

Spring however, is invigorating! It’s the time for renewal and rejuvenation. The sunlight and warmth return and we feel a deep urge to rid ourselves of unwanted toxins. Ayurveda understands this deeply-seated tendency and offers various cleansing therapies, proven to work.

We’re here to help!

Book your consultation appointment to seek out custom therapies and treatments specific to your constitution, to help you get ready for spring. As a bonus, we’re also offering a 40% discount on all detoxification services! Email or call us for more information.

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