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spa packages

CHANDINI (Moonlight) : Duration - 75 minutes

The Chandini spa package consists of two parts: Indian Head Massage
and Detox Facial. Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic technique in
which your scalp, upper back, shoulders, neck and face are massaged. A
variety of massage movements are used including deep kneading with
medicated herbal oils. The Detox facial provides a radiant glow with a
revitalizing skin boost, which hydrates, cleanses and relaxes facial stress
and tension.

ADRIKA (Celeste) : Duration - 90 minutes

The Adrika massage package includes a massage of the Neck-Shoulder
and Hand incorporating herbal and essential oils to rejuvenate the body’s
vital energy points, as well as relaxing Shirodhara. Shirodhara consists of
a continuous stream of warm medicated oil poured from a specialized
vessel onto the forehead. This treatment induces a deep feeling of
spiritual and mental relaxation, while enhancing mental clarity and

NIRVANA (Perfect Bliss) : Duration - 120 minutes

The Nirvana Spa package includes: Indian Oil Massage, Detox Herbal
Wrap and Refresh Facial. Indian Oil Massage is a whole body massage
using herbal and medicated oils customized specifically for you. This
healing massage helps to energize vital energy points of the body. During
the Detox Herbal Wrap, you are wrapped in a warm blanket of soothing
herbs, which detoxifies the body promoting relaxation and well-being.
The Refresh Facial provides a revitalizing skin boost that hydrates,
cleanses and relaxes facial stress and tension.

Padmaka – Foot Massage : Duration - 30 minutes

Mayura - Neck and shoulder massage : Duration - 30 minutes

Megha : Duration - 45 minutes

The Ajara signature Hebal Hair Conditioning. It includes a Scalp Massage,
Herbal Scalp Steam and Hair mask. It conditions hair, and provides a soft &
silky texture and lustre. Chronic hair loss can be treatment in few sittings.