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Dr. Shanthi finds the right approach for each patient based on the person's needs. Even a patient with lots of sensitivities, improves under her care. I have found lot of relief since I started going to her. She is patient and knowledgeable
Sabitha Chari
I live currently in United States and was suffering from Chronic Hives. I consulted Dr Shanti over the phone. She appropriately diagnosed the issue, shared the proper diet charter and medicines for the problem. I followed it and I am completely OK now. Dr Shanti is very experienced and her expertise helped me overcome my issue with in a few months.
Sharmila Jaishankar
Ajara Ayurveda treats all kinds of ailments of our human body as a whole in a natural & holistic way. Our family has been treated by Dr. Shanthi which has helped our lives in a big way. It is an ancient treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years & has no side effects. To state a few examples, I am undergoing treatment for menopause & has helped me cope with it. My son underwent rigorous treatment for acute acne on his back & is doing well. He is very happy that he didn't have to take Actenol for acne which has adverse side effects. Also, my mother, daughter & my nieces are undergoing treatment for various health issues that could not be treated by western medicines & have had good results from this Ayurvedic treatment. So I highly recommend that Dr. Shanthi's services are valuable for getting alternative treatment.
Prabha Mani
I have been seeing Dr. Shanthi regularly since January and it has changed my life. My health has greatly improved by just making a few simple changes to my diet. By also adding in home remedies and herbs I am reducing my need for medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I look forward to continue working with Dr. Shanthi to eliminate the need for any medication.
Martha Bouchier
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